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Date: 14th - 18th December
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium, Nairobi, Kenya
Director: Sammy Mwangi
Assistant Director: Dennis Ochieng “Ndenga”
Times:weekdays at 6.30pm
weekend at 3 & 6.30pm
NOW INTRODUCING 8.30PM SHOWS ON Fri 16th & Sat 17th
Duration:2 Hours
Charges: 599/=
Contact info: 0722 / 0737 74 55 41
Till No: 747722


We have all heard the saying fake it till you make it. This wildly crazy comedy will breakdown that saying and take us through the most hilarious plot that will prove that that is the most misleading and misunderstood saying of all time.
Before of our very own eyes, this widely used saying will change to ‘break it till you make it’.