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Date: 29th July 2015- 09th August 2015
Venue: Auditorium
Director: Sammy Mwangi
Assistant Director: Dennis Ochieng “Ndenga”.
Scenic design:Sammy Mwangi
Costume Design:Sammy Mwangi
Production Stage Manager: Victor Nyaata and Joseph Ndiritu


Hilariously this comedy show that men can only do what men can do but women can do all that men and women can do.
In this slapstick original comedy, Bernice the wife is about to take her husband through an episode in life that he will never ever forget.
The husband has been looking for a son all his marriage life.
In their endless effort, they are down with 10 children and none is a boy.
Bernice cannot stand another pregnancy.
There is chaos in the house as Bernice totally declines to ever carry another pregnancy ever again.
Drama is about to be let loose as the husband wakes up one morning and finds himself pregnant.
This riotous gut-dismantling comedy shows just how Bernice gets the last laugh.


Lawrene Murage
Cyprian Osoro
Nicholas Kwach
Ann Kamau
Bernice Nthenya
Pauline Mukiri
Joyceline Mugure
Timothy Ndiisi
Felix Omondi
Victor Nyaata
Joseph Ndiritu