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Date: Run 1: 9th September 2014- 14th September 2014
Run 2: 21st October 2014-26th October 2014
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium, Nairobi, Kenya
Director: Sammy Mwangi
Assistant Director: Dennis Ochieng “Ndenga”
Scenic design: Sammy Mwangi
Costume design: Sammy Mwangi
Production Stage Manager: Bilha Wangui


This is a gut-busting original comedy show that Kenyan’s that the only way to hate people is by way of hypocritically showing them love.
That lack of salt does not necessarily mean the presence of sweetness.
You should take care of what you wish for, you will just get it.
A wife hates her husband of three years so much that she wishes him dead.
The husband equally hates the wife extremely that she wishes the worst for her.
It now degenerates into a fight of who can hate the other the best.
Hilariously the two pull extreme stunts to diss one another.
For example the wife decides she won’t get pregnant simply because she can’t put children through the horror of them having the husband as their father.
This wild comedy finally takes us through what will be the most comical situation ever: when the wife is granted her wish. The husband dies in a roadside accident.


Ann Kamau
Bernice Nthenya
Triza Kabue
Sarah Mwikali
Hiram Thume
Juma Geoffrey
Nicholas Kwach
Lawrence Murage
Dennis Ochieng
Fred Kasuku- Narrator
Ben Onyango- Narrator