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Date: 6th November 2015 – 08th November 2015
Venue: Alliance Française Tented Gardens, Nairobi, Kenya
Director: Sammy Mwangi
Assistant Director: Dennis Ochieng ‘Ndenga’.
Scenic design: Dennis Ochieng “Ndenga” and Sammy Mwangi
Costume design: Sammy Mwangi
Production Stage Manager: Victor Nyaata


This wildly hilarious comedy shows just how “It Wasn’t Me!” is the last thing you should say when you are cornered and have nothing to say.
Deny deny deny are the three running words in this laugh-a-minute slapstick comedy.
Three extremely different couples find themselves trapped in a house.
Before they can be let out, they leave the audience in stitches as they get to know themselves even better and discovering strange stuff about one another.
Whether they will remain together or not is what is contained in the explosively hilarious climax.


Bernice Nthenya as Christine Ken
Cyprian Osoro as Mr. Makori
Nick Kwach as Ken
David Karanja as Jerry
Moses Gatecha as Lamar (Ms Rachael’s Boyfriend)
Natasha Wanjiru as Sasha Jerry
Victor Nyaata as Charlie Juma
Esther Kahuha as Rachael
Ibrahim Muchemi as The Policeman
Ann Kamau as Susan Makori
Othuol Othuol- Narrator.