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Heartstrings Box Office (at Alliance Francaise on Loita Street) is opened one week prior to the premiere show from 10am to 6pm.
During the show, the Box Office is opened from 10am to 8.00pm.
Offseason: Contact us on or 0722745541 You can also book your tickets online or through the email ( or on our social media.

Floor Plan

The floor plan will guide you on seating arrangement in the Alliance Francaise Wangari Maathai Auditorium.
However, the Alliance Francaise tented gardens have a free seating arrangement although the seating arrangement is guided by the same floor plan.


A relatively safe parking is available at the Alliance Française and areas around Alliance Française.

Promotional Code

Heartstrings Entertainment offers special discounts and exclusive special gifts annually.
To gain access to these offers, you will be given a promotional code that earns points every time you purchase a ticket.
All promotions and discounts are subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Reservations

Tickets can be reserved through our Box Office numbers (0737/0722 745541) or through our social media or email:

Please note that all reservations not paid for on the day of the scheduled performance are null and void. All reservations must be paid for at least a day to the scheduled performance.

Buying a ticket via Mpesa

Call our friendly Box Office for reservations. Once issued with the seat numbers, Pay via Lipa na Mpesa, Buy Goods and Services, Till number: 747722.

On receiving the confirmation text, forward to the number our Box Office numbers.

Please confirm the name you would like to collect your tickets under.

You can collect the tickets at the door on the day of the show at least an hour to time.
For student discounts, an original copy of the student ID card is required

Tickets Exchange/cancellation

An exchange or cancellation of tickets should be made at least 24 hours to the scheduled performance.

Missed performances without prior notification to the Box Office before the scheduled performance are not refundable.

Ticket refunds or exchanges do not include discounted tickets..

Arrival for a show

Reserved tickets should be picked from the Box Office at least an hour before the show for a smooth and speedy ticket collection process.

Please note that empty seats are re allocated 15 minutes after the show begins.

The doors are opened at least 20 minutes to the show.

Dress code is open.

Tickets delivery

Tickets can be delivered to patrons within Nairobi’s CBD at least 2 days to the show and no later than that.

Discount Verification

Please note that identification will be required for verification of discounted tickets.
For student discounts, an original copy of the student ID card is required.
One must collect the discounted tickets in person.

Late Arrival

The shows begin 10 minutes after the bell rings.
We put in effort to begin the shows on time. Please note that in consideration to the audience and the artists,empty seats will be reallocated to the patrons on the waiting list 15 minutes after the show begins.


Each production is individually cast. However, Heartstrings holds periodic auditions which are advertised on our Social Media and the website.
The shortlisted actors/actresses are then put in our database for future performances.
If interested in auditions, please click here

Electronic Devices

Please remember to switch off or lower the volume of your mobile phones to avoid interrupting other patrons and the artists on stage.

Length of Performance

Performance times vary from show to show. Visit the Shows and Events page and select a show for run time information or call the Box Office on +254 722 745541 or 737 745 541.


Food and drinks are available at the Table 49 restaurant at Alliance Française lobby on sale before the show.
No foods or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.
Water is however allowed.

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